The 5 Keys To Work-Life Balance

15 August 2020

I think we can all admit that at one point or another, maybe even everyday, we take living on such beautiful islands for granted.


When was the last time you stepped into the ocean? Laid in the sunshine? Hiked through the beautiful undeveloped landscapes in our backyard.


Even though the world is a bit strange right now and some things like grilling on the beach with friends and family or loading up the car and going on an adventure, aren’t possible; when was the last time you spent a moment to soak in the beauty Hawaii has to offer?


This is true for people across the world.


I can guarantee a working professional in Colorado found themselves skiing through gorgeous mountain terrain less and less each year.


A business owner in the Northwest forgot they lived nestles between some of the greatest mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers on earth; finding themselves on Netflix more than in a kayak.


The point of all this is, a balance between work and play is vital to success.


Start small.


You don’t have to buy a ticket across the world and embark on a soul searching mission.


What you can do is identify the things in your life that you enjoy. Unfortunately, right now, some of these things may be off limits. However, things like reading a book, or spending time with family in nature, and for those who can, enjoying a safe beach day listening to their favorite music.


Taking just a few hours to reconnect with things that have continued to draw you to live here are so important.


So, listen to a song that makes you dance, drive to your favorite spot, eat your favorite meal.


Indulge in the small things that bring you joy so you don’t burn out.




I know I am not the only one guilty of this. I wake up and the first thing I do is check my phone.


For twenty minutes I am bombarded with news headlines, status updates, texts, emails, tweets, and I can’t seem to put it down and get away.


It is like I am not just fascinated to know what is going on with the world and everybody in it, but I am scared to miss out on anything.


What you do or feel when you first wake up sets the tone for your entire day.


Now depending on your situation, switching your phone off for a prolonged period of time just ISN’T an option. Deadlines need to be met, kids need to be accounted for, friends need to know whether or not you’re having dinner tonight. But even just a few minutes a day, set your phone down and detach from the constant stream of news or whereabouts of others.


On the topic of using your phone first thing in the morning… Get some sleep! I mean real sleep. Everyone has said it but it’s true! Harvard Business Review states,About 25% of U.S. adults reportedly suffer from insomnia, and a similar number report regular patterns of excessive sleepiness.” What’s more, “Lack of sleep leads to detriments in job performance, productivity, career progression and satisfaction, and an increase in job-related accidents, absenteeism, and counterproductive work behaviors.”


Don’t take sleep for granted. Unplug and let it stay that way. Allow yourself to give your brain space and recharge so that you are fully prepared to tackle the challenges and successes of tomorrow.


Keep Learning!


This I cannot stress enough.


There are so many valuable resources to continue one’s growth whether it is in a specific field, area of interest, professional setting, or knowledge of a subject. I find myself reading every book I can get my hands on when it comes to being a better writer. I listen to podcasts about the social innovations happening all over the world. And every morning I wake up to 15 unread emails in my inbox from entrepreneurial newsletters I have signed up to over the years.


Some great skill sharing, training websites, and newsletters I can recommend to you are:


I know that when I push myself to continue learning and striving to be the best that I can in the field that I am in, I help my company and co workers succeed as well. The world is constantly evolving and changing, why should I think that doesn’t apply to myself?


Create Positive Memories.


It can be hard to pinpoint things that have happened over the past few months that have been inarguably positive.


If you’re anything like me, your social media feeds, text messages, and inbox are full of people either jokingly or sincerely expressing how terrible the year 2020 has been.


While I can’t say that this year has been easy, I am able to pinpoint things that have happened both professionally and personally that have changed my life for the better. I realize that makes me fortunate, but I don’t have to be alone in that feeling.


Going back to the idea of starting small. Little things throughout the day that make you feel positive and give back some joy. You can grow these small occurrences into recurring positive things during the week.


Get out there and create some memories. Having those positive experiences either with yourself or with a small group of friends or family can really improve your mentality. It creates space for you to look back and experience joy versus harboring negative feelings.


Recharge Those Batteries.


All of these suggestions are just that, suggestions.


What makes you happy and ready to conquer the day both professionally and personally depends on you.


Take time to figure out what will motivate, inspire, and drive you to be the most successful version of yourself even in the face of adversity and uncertainty.


Whether that is taking a stay-cation for a few days to regroup or taking a few minutes out of each day to listen to a song you love.


The possibilities are endless but the bottom line is important: investing in yourself right now is the greatest precursor to success in the future.

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