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Your Online Guide to the Best Local Businesses in Hawaii!

With a vibrant year-round business community led by a diverse set of owners and managers, you are sure to find a local business listed on Hawaii Thrives to meet your needs.

When Hawaii Thrive began, we sought to encompass the “Shop Local” movement with something more – the valued tradition of Ohana.

So, our name represents more than just a list of businesses.

Hawaii Thrive is a call to action for businesses, residents, organizations, and tourists to support our local economy and community.

When you shop at a local independently owned business:

68% of every dollar gets reinvested in the community.

Local chains, 43% reinvested.


Help us celebrate Hawaii’s community and culture by shopping at locally owned businesses.


Nick Ponte

Meet our Founder

Nick Ponte was born and raised on Maui. Throughout his career he has developed many high-traffic, high-quality websites that incorporate the best practices for today’s digital marketing. Today, accredited by the Young Entrepreneurs Council and Forbes, Nick eagerly shares his experience and knowledge by helping others in cultivating their business. Nick lives in Kihei with his fiance Sloan and dog Kevin.

Elle Shurm

Meet our Business Growth Specialist

Elle Shurm grew up in Seattle, Washington which led her to love skiing and coffee above all things. After living all over the world she finally found her home on Maui. Today she uses her experience from working at Oprah Magazine and studying journalism at New York University to help hundreds of local businesses bring in customers. When she isn’t working she’s hiking or cooking for her friends.

Devin Atkins

Meet our Marketing Manager

Devin Atkins was born in Riverside, California. Upon coming to Maui he found his true passion in helping others in his daily life, whether it be small businesses or the less fortunate in the community. Having found helping others as his main goal, he finds his new career in marketing is the best way to continue this mission. In his free time if he’s not learning new skills or studying to get his real estate license, you’ll catch him catching some gnarly barrels all along the coast of Maui.

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